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It had been a week since your little break down and Allistor's peep talk. You felt better, not perfect, but better. Life was return to normal, but just because it's normal doesn't mean perfect.


Walking down the halls you heard someone call you freak, you ignored it, you were good at doing that. But then something happened. "Don't call her that!" Someone was defending you. You turned on your heel to find that Alfred Jones, the jock was staring down one of your many bullies.

You had no clue how to react to this. You wanted to thank the American, but you were pulled back into the crowd of kids that swarmed in the hallway. You didn't fight against the current, just went to class.

~~~Time Skip~~~

You didn't like going to lunch because you usually just sat there alone, and got made fun of. But you forced yourself to go, even if you didn't eat or talk to friends, it was better than sitting in the bathroom and texting your brothers, like you usually did.

With your head down on the table, you started dozing off, hoping that the bell would be loud enough to wake you up. Suddenly a tray was set down across from you. Part of you didn't want to look up, but something in you made you lift your head.

There was the blond from earlier.

Taking out your earbud that was playing (favorite band), you said, "Hi."

"Hey, I really like your (favorite color) streaks." He said, pulling lightly at a piece of hair that was a different color from your natural hair.

"Thanks. And thank's about earlier."

"No, you shouldn't be bullied."

A small smile stretched across your face. "Well I am. It's no big deal."

"But doesn't it get to you?"

You thought about it, but instead of answering you shrugged.

Alfred ate, and offered you some of his lunch, which you refused. Even if you were hungry you wouldn't take food from anyone.

The bell rang and you rushed off. On your way to class you thought about lunch, and after thinking for a bit, you came to the conclusion that today's lunch was the best you had in awhile.

~~~Time Skip~~~

You were walking out of the school, in a bad mood like always. Your eyes set on Allistor's car, when Alfred came up from behind you. "Hey, if your not doing anything, we could hang out."

Never had you been asked out, and you wanted to say something sassy, but instead you said, "Yes." And instead of smacking him, you smiled. For a moment you thought you were crazy, you would never do anything like that. Something in you had changed.

Walking to the car, you got in and plead that Allistor wouldn't ask questions about Alfred. But he did.

"Who was the lad?" He asked while driving.

"No one."

"He was someone, ye smiled at him."


"Lass, ye never smile."

"I can smile if I want!"

The Scot pulled up in front of the house. "I'm not letting you go on a date with him till I know more about him."

You got out of the car, and stormed upstairs. By now your other brothers were used to it.


You expected Allistor to walk into your room, to give you another one of his "talks". You were always closer to him, even though you were the youngest and he was the oldest. The man practically raised you.

When your mom died, he was the one that was strong enough to help you through it. He understood that it would be the hardest on you, and that life was about to get supper hard, since you were living in a house full of guys. Your aunt offered to take you in, but Allistor wouldn't let her. He wanted to be close with you.

"Now, lass, I was just wondering about this guy-?"

"Don't. Just get out."

You didn't want him to get out, you wanted him to sit down on the bed with you and give you a long hug. But you would never admit it. It was always easier to push him away and be tough rather than talk about your feelings and later regret it.

"No. I wont leave."

That's what you were hoping for. But now was a critical time. You would either have to push him away, which he would probably do, knowing you needed your space. Or he would speak before it came to that. You were hoping for the ladder.

"Lass, just listen-" Yep, everything had played out the way you wanted it to but you part of you figured that your brother knew you didn't want him to leave. "I just worry about ye. I worry every day. Why do you think I pick ye up from school instead of taking the bus. Since the day ye were born it has been my job tae take care of ye. An' I will not let mum down-" You thought him might cry. Talking about your mum was something that was only done on certain occasions, it wasn't a topic that was just brought up. Which showed that Allistor's was really trying to make a point. "I know yer tough, and would never let anyone hurt ye-" Is he suggesting that Alfred would hurt you? You thought for a second on that. "But, that just doesn't stop me for worrying. So can ye, for me, tell me about the lad."

You debated it. And decided that you would, Allistor had opened up to you, and you knew he was expecting you to do the same.

"Alfred Jones. He goes to my school. Someone said something about me, and he defended me. He sat with me at lunch. He's an American-" Your brother scoffed. "He's niece t me. And he asked me out."

"And ye said...?"


"Well ye can always come to me for guy advice."

~~~Time Skip~~~

Alfred had invited you to go to a movie later that week, which meant you would need money and a ride from Allistor. You cringed at the thought. Your brother would drop you off and pick you up, but he wouldn't stop there, he would want to me Alfred.

~~~Time Skip~~~

It was the day of the date, and you actually got dressed in something other than band t-shirts and black skinny jeans. Instead you wore a black t-shirt and matching skirt. You wouldn't give up the color black for a boy.

"Ready, Alli?" You called, climbing down the stairs.

"Yeah." He said grabbing his keys, cell phone, and wallet before heading out to the car.

You waited for him to ask questions like; What movie are you seeing? What time does it start? How long is it? Is Alfred paying for your ticket or popcorn? Are you two hanging out in the arcade after wards? But he didn't ask a single one until he pulled up in front of the movie theater. Alfred was already there waiting for you.

"Here's some extra money." The red head said grabbing money out of his wallet. "Do ye got yer cell phone? Money? Wallet? Pepper spray?"

You almost hit him for the last one, but gave him a kiss on the cheek instead and went to meet Alfred.
So when I first started this it was a rough week and I forgot the other part of the request, so here it is. I'm sorry :iconfusionfire123: (I hope America works? I'm sorry if not, I know I'm a complete failure.)

Chapter 1:
Chapter 3:

I do not own Hetalia

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!
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